NOCN has been providing a qualification and accreditation service to FE Colleges and Training Providers for 30 years in the UK and internationally. It is an Accredited leader in Diversity and is proud of its reputation as a provider of fully accessible, trusted and flexible qualification and accreditation services.

NOCN works effectively with Centres for the benefit of learners, with a shared interest in providing a continuously improving service.
The organisation offers all the advantages of being with a national Awarding Organisation with a wide portfolio of qualifications, alongside providing a personalised, bespoke service to its customers. It also prides itself on its local presence and expertise within diverse communities.

Samson Tiara works with the University of Applied Research and Development (UARD) to deliver NOCN accredited courses.

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NOCN Aim & Objectives:
All successful businesses understand the strategic importance of productivity in the workplace. Being productive can help any company improve its performance and better utilise its human resources. A common trait of most productive businesses is happy and healthy workers. This has the follow-on effect of translating into good customer service and interaction which in-turn can lead to improved sales. read more