Safe Transport Of Dangerous Goods By Air
Course Information
This course is suitable for anyone involved in the transportation of dangerous goods by air. The course includes information on the legal responsibilities for transportation of dangerous goods or hazardous materials via air and the special considerations that need to be taken. This course is a suitable pre-requisite for OPITO approved Helideck Operations Initial Training (HOIT) courses.

This course is HCA approved. The assessment is taken during the course and is within the expected duration.

The aim of this course is to inform flight crew and crew members (other than flight crew) about the procedural and legal requirements for the safe transportation of dangerous goods by air. The course has been written and designed in accordance with Part 1, Chapter 1.4 of the ICAO Technical Instructions and Section 1.5 of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, Categories 7, 8 and 9. The course certificate is valid for two years.

Learning Objectives:
  • LO1: Explain the general philosophy of dangerous goods transportation
  • LO2: Define the limitations on the transportation of dangerous goods by air
  • LO3: Explain how dangerous goods must be correctly labelled and marked
  • LO4: Define the different classifications of dangerous goods
  • LO5: Explain how to recognise undeclared dangerous goods
  • LO6: State the general principles of safe loading and storage
  • LO7: Explain the requirement for the Pilot's Notification (NOTOC)
  • LO8: Explain the provisions for passengers and crew
  • LO9: Explain what to do if an emergency occurs
  • LO10: Explain how radioactive material is transported

Key Information

Accrediting Body: RelyOnNutec

Course Duration: 60 minutes

Knowledge Check: 30 questions

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