Basic First Aid & CPR
In a medical emergency, basic knowledge of first aid techniques can mean the difference between life and death. The ability to act may help you to keep a person breathing, reduce their pain or minimize the consequences of an injury or illness until help can arrive. This course aims to instill basic, everyday first aid skills including CPR.

The primary aims of this course are:
  • To give information and heighten awareness of the essential first and principles.
  • To give students the opportunity to practice these essential skills.
  • Provides the student with an understanding of the function of the respiratory system.
  • Provides the student with an understanding of the function of the circulatory system.
  • Enables the student to carry out a systematic assessment of the casualty and to ensure the nothing is overlooked.
  • Enables the student to recognize the need for and have the ability to perform emergency life support techniques. Recognition of obstructed airway and choking management.
  • Enables the student to recognize and manage internal and external bleeding.
  • Enables the student to recognize and manage the unconscious casualty.
  • Enables the student to recognize and manage shock.

Key Information

Accrediting Body: Samson Tiara

Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Validity: 3 Years

Course Venue:

  • Cilegon
  • On-site
Note: If conducted on-site client should provide classroom or other suitable quiet area with chairs, desks, whiteboard, & overhead projector.

General Course Objectives:
Upon successful completion of the course, delegates should have a basic understanding of first aid techniques and be able to apply them in the appropriate circumstances.

Course Content:
  • Primary Survey, Emotional Support and Safety at the scene
  • Approaching an accident – Primary survey practical
  • The Respiratory and Circulatory system
  • Rescue Breathing theory
  • Practical – Rescue Breathing (RB) – with students participation
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) theory
  • Practical – CPR practical session
  • Recognition and Management of Bleeding
  • Practical – Management of Bleeding
  • Management of anUnconscious victim
  • Reporting & Recording, Personal Hygiene
All persons who successfully complete the course based on the performance standards will receive
  • A PT Samson Tiara certificate for Basic First Aid & CPR; and
  • A laminated wallet course qualification card.
Investment Cost Includes:
  • Transportation to & from our pick up point in Jakarta and training center (where applicable)
  • Student workbook
  • Usage of all required training equipment & PPE
  • Certificate/ID card
  • Lunch (where applicable)
Investment Cost:
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Basic First Aid / CPR
31-Oct-2023 - 31-Oct-2023

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