Working at Height
Course Information
The aim of this course is to provide you with the knowledge to work at height safely. You will learn about the hazards of working at height, the controls that must be in place to help keep you safe and the Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, that you must wear whilst you are working at height.

Learning Objectives:
  • LO1: Describe what working at height is
  • LO2: State the risks associated with working at height
  • LO3: Explain the steps for assessing the safest way to work at height
  • LO4: Describe considerations when choosing safe access to work at height
  • LO5: List the equipment that could be used to access work at height and their safety implications
  • LO6: Identify the responsibilities of each person working at height
  • LO7: Describe some of the controls that should be put in place when working at height
  • LO8: Identify Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements for working at height
  • LO9: Describe equipment inspection requirements
  • LO10: Describe a dropped object and how to prevent it
  • LO11: Find examples of controls that must be in place

Key Information

Accrediting Body: RelyOnNutec

Course Duration: 60 minutes

Knowledge Check: 20 questions

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